Daniel Mark Harrison’s Forward-Looking Perspective

Famous media expert. Excellent entrepreneur. Illustrious writer. These are just some of the titles and terms used to describe Daniel Mark Harrison. A distinguished scholar (BA Theology, University of Oxford; Masters in Journalism New York University; Masters in Business Administration from the Norwegian Business School), he has also managed to command the awe of the business world through the many strides he has made in partnering with Monkey Capital. He has proved invaluable to Coinspeaker and pivotal in its ascendancy.

He handles the jack-of- all-trades tag with grace that surpasses normal entrepreneurial wit as he still is and has been CEO and Chairman of Daniel Mark Harrison & Co. Ltd. as of October 2015. The company takes care of all his needs. Simple. It runs his day-to- day personal and family affairs, manages his and his family members’ estates. The business is fully owned and managed by him with bases in Hong Kong, Bangkok, and Singapore.

He is the managing partner of Monkey Capital, a Blockchain funding firm. It is a pioneer and decentralized hedge fund in that it is the first ICO to effectively sell pre-ICO options. It is described as a decentralized digital asset and blockchain investment bank. Mr. Harrison contributed to Coinspeaker by writing for them. He managed the entire editorial team and aided the improvement of the site for syndication through Google News, among others. He managed to grow readership past the excesses of 450 000 people.

He also was a columnist at the Motley fool for 6 years and has been Publisher and Editor in Chief of Marx Rand. In the latter Daniel oversaw news publication on Ku Klux Klan infiltration in US law enforcement (FBI agent) and blew the whistle on Toyota links to and use of slave labor. Daniel Mark Harrison did not mind volunteering as he served for two years, as a columnist on BNET.com.

Daniel Mark Harrison has also served as a Senior Manager in Shanghai’s Minisuco, a leather company and also as a finished furniture producer. Described as a serial entrepreneur by Isabella Kaminska, Daniel’s influence is most likely still felt at Stanley Court Ltd. for the four years he worked there as co-founder and Asia Markets – The Street in New York for three years. An all-round and generally extraordinary scholar, businessman, problem solver and trendsetter, books published by him include Butterflies: The Strange Metamorphosis of Fact and Fiction in Today’s World and The Millennial Reincarnations.