Fabletics and the Power of the Crowd

The world of women’s sportswear used to be dominated by plain gray or black workout clothes. Many times, fitness apparel, those clothes that are specifically designed to be used when working out or exercising, would have low-quality fabric or not enough variety to represent all kinds of personalities and people.


That reality was until Adam Goldberg and Don Ressler brainstormed what women really need when it comes to sportswear and came up with the idea of combining style and functionality. They knew that for women, it’s not enough to be comfortable and to be moving well, it is also a great plus if their sportswear enhances their confidences as well, so they came up with Fabletics, and this is exactly what sets them apart from other companies that manufacture sportswear.


The idea was great, but developing sportswear that is both functional and stylish is no easy task. Adam and Don knew that they needed the right partner, and they knew it had to be Kate Hudson. Kate Hudson is very passionate, hands-on and charming, not just when it comes to dealing with fans but also when it comes to other business partners. With Kate Hudson on board since 2013, Fabletics have enjoyed a growth of more than 200%, it now has more than a million paying members, and in revenue, they have earned over $235 million. Adam and Don credit this success to Kate Hudson actively engaging the fans in social media and in person during events, as well as to the growing positive feedback they get from the ones who tried their brand of sportswear.


Most of us now have digital lives. Admit it, whoever you are, be it a student or the CEO of a company, the first thing you check when you wake up is your phone. The same thing goes when it comes to buying apparel or any kind of things nowadays, potential consumers rely on online reviews to decide if purchasing a product will be worth their money. A study by BrightLocal says that 84$ of consumers trusts online reviews just as much as they trust comments or reviews on products from someone they know personally. Getting online positive reviews doesn’t only mean more trust from potential buyers, it also means more exposure, as more positive reviews can ensure that your product appears in top search results in search engines such as the ever popular Google.


But all these online positive feedback Fabletics is getting will not be possible or even profitable if they are not honest and genuine reviews of their products. Meaning, it is only possible because the customers genuinely feel happy and satisfied with Fabletics products, enough for them to write about it on their social media or other product review websites


To receive personalized outfit picks and workouts, try out Fabletics’ Lifestyle quiz. It was specifically created for clients of Fabletics to discover what kind of personality they have and learn more about what varieties of Fabletics’ apparels represents them better. It is a must-do for every Fabletics customer.