Louis Chenevert’s Career and Executive Success at UTC

The legacy of United Technologies (UTC), Canada cannot be discussed without mentioning the name of Louis Chenevert. Chenevert is the greatest CEO to have ever worked for the company. His impact for the company has been tremendous. As a business executive, Chenevert has achieved a lot. As an executive both at UTC and his former companies, he performed exemplary well. He surely understood that his role as the CEO was to make the company better than he found it. He worked with a focused mind in turning around the fortunes of the firm. Chenevert applied the approach of investing in technological innovation, creating long-term goals and investing in the company’s human resource.

In his service at UTC, he made sure that he attained both short-term and long-term goals. He recognized that for the company to be successful, there was a need to invest in the company’s capacity to produce both quality and quantity. Chenevert laid down the plan for the company, focusing on technology and workforce as the two factors that would push the company to a new level of growth. He always worked believing that whatever decision he made would have a future implication on the success of the firm. It was, therefore, in his best interests to make sure that he only made decisions that would positively impact the growth of the company.

Chenevert was picked by UTC after a successful tenure with Pratt & Whitney. When he joined UTC, he brought the idea of geared turbofan engine which brought a fresh breath in the operations of UTC. Chenevert Knew way before he joined UTC that this type of engine would work wonders once it was adopted by the aerospace company. He combined the idea of a geared turbofan engine and United Technologies, and the impact was a unique technological of aircraft engine construction.

UTC invested about $10 billion in development of the jet engine. The engine was able to reduce fuel consumption by about 15% and gas emissions by about 50%. The engine has been adopted by numerous airlines from all over the world. Currently, there are over 70 aircrafts that are running on this hybrid engine model.