Gregory Aziz The Successful Businessman

Gregory James Aziz is not only the chairman and President of the largest world leading engineering in railroad freight car and manufacturing industries known as National Steel Car but also its CEO. He was born in the year 1949 April 30th in Ontario a city in London. Greg Aziz did his economics study at Western Ontario University after completing his first study at Ridley College.


In 1971, Gregory J Aziz joined his family in running food business. The company took more than 16 years to flourish into a worldwide fresh foods importer from Europe, South and Central America. He worked in New York on several Banking investments before purchasing the National steel car company.


The first National Steel Car company was located in Dofasco. Greg James Aziz bought the company with the vision of developing it from a Canadian company to a leading manufacturer of the road-rail freight car in North America. Due to the success of National Steel Car, James Aziz with Irene his wife is able to Sponsor most prominent agricultural fair in Canada.


Following the purchase of the company by James Aziz, it has greatly developed its manufacturing capabilities. This was made possible through its strong capabilities in engineering, teamwork enhancement, and better human resource and proper capital investment. The expansion has been witnessed in the manufacturing ability of increment in cars per year as compared with the previous years. Find More Information Here.


National Steel Car is recognized as the excellent North America’s tank car and railroad freight manufacturer for more than 100 years of highly qualified engineering skills and commitment. Continuously, the company keeps on challenging itself and vividly aiming at raising the bar. The company also focuses on building its customers trust. This is done through proper targets on strength focusing, having a deep sense of purpose, and being true to their core values.


Under the presidency of Greg, National Steel Car for over the decade has been consistently honored with the TTXSECO award since 1996. This is after 18 years of being certified with ISO 9001; 2008 honor. Despite the achievements, the company does not depend on foregone awards; they continue with their persistent trailing and uninterrupted consciousness to their purchasers.


National Steel Car and James Aziz is devoted to Hamilton society helping many different people, organization, and companies. Each year the company organizes a Christmas party which is attended by both former and present employees accompanied by their children.