National Steel Car in Gregory Aziz’s Reign

Engineering is not a field that everyone can venture in and be successful. Engineering requires an individual who is ready to embrace change and technology. It also requires an innovative mind. This is to ensure that they use technology to their advantage. Good customer care services are another factor that leads to a successful business.

National Steel Car is the leading car in manufacturing steel car in North America. The company has been able to remain in the field because of its high levels of innovation, excellent customer service, and commitment. The company was founded in 1912. National Steel Car has, therefore, had more than a hundred years of success.


The current chief executive officer of the company is Gregory James Aziz. Many people recognize him as Greg Aziz. Gregory J Aziz has worked in the company since 1994. It is Greg’s leadership that has led to the improvement of the National Steel Car. The CEO understands the importance of the output of every employee. For this reason, he appreciates the effort of every team member. Gregory Aziz has ensured that there is trust among his employees. Aziz has also enforced the spirit of hard work and diligence.


In the reign of Greg Aziz, the company had had many notable achievements. The company has received several awards. For instance, the company finds pride in receiving the TTX SECO awards for more than ten years. The Company has maintained the top position because they focus on producing quality products. The Company does not dwell on its past achievements as well. It keeps challenging itself to achieve more. It is worthwhile to note that the National Steel Car is the only railcar Company that has been certified by ISO in North America.


Gregory Aziz before National Steel Car


Upon graduating from University of Western Ontario, he joined the Affiliated Foods Company. It is worthwhile to note that he majored in Economics. The Affiliated Foods Company is a family business. The firm is engaged in a wholesale food business. Greg Aziz must have had a good grip on entrepreneurship because despite being fresh from school, he led the company towards greatness.


Later, Greg Aziz moved to New York, where he worked with bank facilities for a couple of years. This was until 1994, where he managed to buy the National Steel Car.


Finally, Gregory Aziz is a humanitarian and a family man. Together with his wife, they have sponsored numerous charitable organization. Visit This Site for more info.