Talk Fusion’s CEO Advice to Young Entrepreneurs

Talk Fusion is one of the leading software companies committed to assisting businesses to get into the competitive space enabling them to create more sales by retaining and increasing their customer base. The company is focused on providing more diverse ways of marketing through persuasive, memorable ways that use video.


The company has employed independent associates in over 140 countries to be able to market the products from person to person.Talk Fusion has also moved to create a free 30 days trial for the all in one video marketing solution and is currently available for the public access. Talk Fusion was founded in 2007 by its current Chief Executive Officer Bob Reina. Bob saw a gap in the market that he moved to fill and has never looked back, he has continued to establish and develop innovations that are continually making the world a much small space. The products are not only efficient but also offer convenience for thousands of individuals and businesses.


Bob Reina in an article of motivating young entrepreneurs pointed out that you have to be strong-willed to win in the world of entrepreneurship. He pointed out that most young people start out with a lot of enthusiasm and ambition, but the motivation withers away over time because of lack of commitment to staying focused and motivated for the final goal ( He described how this generation has turned into a quitter generation that lacks resilience. People are becoming lazy and resistant to change but wanting instant success and instant gratification. The young people build their expectations so high but fail to align the expectations with the reality that is the present. Bob described that people have mainly run out of tolerance.


Bob pieces of advice to the young entrepreneurs are one to hold at heart indeed. He is keen on instilling strong attributes of independence, resilience, and consistency to the young people that he mentors. In his Survival of the Fittest in a Society of Quitters, he strongly puts across the dodging responsibilities is not a trait for the distinguished or the elite. He emphasized striving and remaining on course to see results.