The Oxford Club: Insight Within A Global Network

Want to be a part of an organization whose members gain long lasting wealth, and also enjoy a fulfilled life filled with material and immaterial items that go beyond just wealth? The Oxford Club provides this for their members. The Oxford Club is a private group made up of investors and entrepreneurs. The group uses treated stratified to gain wealth through the risky stock market and gain more than the average person would from these type of assets.

The club has a executive management team that uses their talents in many areas of corporate world to lead their members in the right direction when investing. The Oxford Club is headed by CEO Julia Guth.

The Oxford Club started out as The Passport in 1989. They officially changed their name from The Passport Club to the Oxford Club in 1991. The club was started by William Bonner as a smaller networking organization. It was started together with other founders, and their goal was to get together and share unique business opportunities within the US and worldwide. The founders of the Oxford Club believe the best investments are found with good networking through personal connections and researchers.

The Oxford Club had three different levels as a member. The three membership levels include the first level Premier Membership, next is the Director’s Circle membership, and the highest level of Chairman’s Circle membership. Each level has their own incentives and has a different value for each member.

The Oxford Club shares their knowledge and insight with their members through newsletters and publications.