Dr. Mark Holterman Treating Pediatric Illness Locally and Abroad

Dr. Mark Holtermans operations as CEO are not limited to the work in his company. He heads the company Mariam Global Health having done extensive work in the research field as well as educating medical students and staff.


Dr. Holterman works closely with the charity IPSAC-VN or the International Pediatric Specialist Alliance for the Children of Vietnam. This is a charity that seeks to establish a growing culture of excellence medically. However, within the educational facilities and clinics in Vietnam (Health.USNews). This is done by bringing Vietnam up to date on the latest technological and surgical advancements. Anyone interested can support the group by donating money or volunteering. To volunteer for IPSAC-VN, one must have a medical license, passport, and complete CV.


In many countries, pediatric help is in dire need. While smaller surgeries are doable, some major surgeries are complex and expensive. Some examples of these major surgeries include tumor removal, spinal surgery, transplants, corrective surgery, and a myriad of heart disorders. With a large portion of families born in extreme poverty or as orphans, CSI, Children’s Surgery International, is an organization that helps with these problems. They seek to support and treat these ailments via a nonprofit surgical service for children around the world.


Mariam Global Health works as a management and investment firm. Doing so allows them to work with many healthcare companies to engineer the newest and latest advancements in medicine to solve complex health problems. Mariam Global also works to find the best ways to manage the practice of medicine (http://askreporter.com/2017/11/dr-mark-holterman/). Looking at the work Dr. Holterman does, it is clear to see another agenda of his. He wants to advance the knowledge and practice of medicine to spread it unselfishly. He wants organizations like IPSAC-VN to understand the most innovative ways to execute the business and medicine. Helping hospitals and medical schools abroad. By promoting wellness globally, this allows our world to become a healthier and more united planet.


Dr. Mark Holtermans work at home and abroad have brought about change for many lives. He is bridging a gap allowing expert medical care for children worldwide.