Glen Wakeman Encourages Companies To Help Puerto Rico Rebuild

The island of Puerto Rico has been devastated this year by hurricanes that struck the island twice. Hurricane Irma grazed the island indirectly, but still caused significant power outages and damage to infrastructure. Despite a strong preparation and response to Irma, the island of Puerto Rico was unfortunately hit by a much stronger hurricane called Marie. This hurricane would directly strike Puerto Rico and cause catastrophic damage to the island and its people.


The damage from hurricanes Irma and Marie is so severe that some estimate put the rebuilding of Puerto to cost around $90 billion. Even though Marie struck Puerto Rico in September, significant parts of the island still remain without power in November. Homes and roads have been destroyed and critical services such as power generation and medical care is lacking. This is why it is imperative that people and companies step up to support Puerto Rico and its people in its time of need.


As an investor and international businessman, Glen Wakeman realizes how vital it is that we help people in other parts of the globe. This is especially true when disaster strikes somewhere world in the form of a devastating hurricane or flood (AffiliateDork). By helping people rebuild in distant parts of the world, we strengthen the economic ties that are so vital to modern day global commerce and exchange. This is why Glen Wakeman is encouraging all major businesses to donate supplies to those in need in places such as Puerto Rico. Alternatively, companies can raise money or donate funds to groups such as the Red Cross that are helping Puerto Rico rebuild and regain a sense of normalcy.


Glen Wakeman is a businessman and former investor who helped launch LaunchPad Holdings back in 2015. This is a software as a service firm that he co-founded. As CEO of LaunchPad Holdings LLC.. Glen Wakeman leads the company as it develops software to serve entrepreneurs and startups. The main product of LaunchPad Holdings is to give entrepreneurs and startup firms a software that can serve as a blueprint to help them build and launch their own successful ventures.

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