Jorge Moll and Successful Hospitals

Jorge┬áMoll is the full name of a cardiologist who is widely known in his home nation of Brazil. He doesn’t just spend his days focusing on the field of Cardiology, either. That’s because he’s also an established entrepreneur who has been part of a wide range of efforts. Moll is at the helm of a renowned hospital network in Brazil ( This network consists of a vast range of hospitals. It’s actually Brazil’s number one private hospital organization.

Moll serves on the Board of Directors for Rede D’Or Sao Luiz. He’s in charge of a whopping total of 32 Brazilian hospitals. He spends a lot of time speaking to the public about matters that relate to healthcare (GloboPlay). He conducted a conference that delved into his network’s background. He told the attendees of the conference all about the roots of the network. He discussed the fact that the network started out as a mere examination institution, first and foremost. He then took the conference to a brand new topic. He talked about how it now is in charge of a broad array of esteemed hospitals.


Moll is an entrepreneur who has a lot of talent. He’s also someone who describes himself as being passionate about idealism and all that it entails. He states that Rio de Janeiro used to be the heart of Brazil’s advancements in the medicine world. This was at the end of the seventies and the beginning of the eighties. He noted that medicine started to suffer seriously in Brazil around that time. He blames the fact that Brazilian hospitals were predominantly public for the severe drop in quality. Moll understands that Rio de Janeiro is a massive and bustling metropolis. He, because of that, doesn’t think that it calls for a mere hospital alone. He thinks that it requires the power of a vast hospital network. He thinks that an in-depth network has the ability to accommodate population segments all throughout Rio. Moll established a handful of network groups after realizing that. These groups were called Quinta d’Or, Barra d’Or, and, last but not least, Copa d’Or.