Greg Aziz: The Man Who Was Instrumental To National Steel Car’s Rapturous Growth

One of the most striking news you can read today would probably be the life story and the career of Gregory James Aziz. Most of the people in the know will remember Greg Aziz as the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of National Industries, Inc. That’s just the tip of the iceberg. There’s more to Greg Aziz than his leadership for National Steel Car, which is today’s leading railroad freight car companies that manufacture and engineer trains and freight cars across North America.



There’s more to him as a magnificent person who got educated at Ridley College and then, later on, went to University of Western Ontario to major in Economics. Let’s explore some of those beautiful moments in the outstanding life of James Aziz to know what more he can offer to the world.


The Wholesale Meat Business


It is a familiar adage that those who start being in the nitty gritty part of anything will learn more than those who lived in the comfort of their homes. This is the kind of truth that Greg Aziz experienced himself. His experience first at Affiliated Foods, his father’s company in 1971, was a profound training ground for him to achieve the phenomenal success that he is experiencing right now.


If it weren’t for the dirt and hard experience that his father had endowed on him, Greg would probably not get the confidence to lead National Steel Car in its expansion across North America circa 1994. Without his hard experience, he wouldn’t be able to accumulate enough capital to fund the growth of the company from 3,500 cars to 12,000 cars at the end of 1999. It was also under the administration of Greg Aziz that the employment of National Steel Car went from 600 to almost 3,000. What a rapturous rate of growth! Read This Article to learn more.



100 Years of Experience


It should also be noted that the achievement of National Steel Car with Greg’s help has already been tested by time. Right now, it’s already about 100 years since National Steel Car initiated a railroad freight business that since then has become the cornerstone and standard of the freight car industry.



While it may be tempting to say that Gregory J Aziz was a great contribution to the achievement of this growth, Greg himself said that the success comes from the people. It is the dedicated workforce and employees of National Steel Car that made this happen. It is also with the power of luck and being at the right time and in the right place that contributed to a huge chunk of the growth of their business today.


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