Jeunesse Global Rises to Top, Propelled by Wendy Lewis

It is not often that a new startup is able to so disrupt an established industry that it can climb to the billion-dollar mark in less than ten years. It is even rarer to see a company following a well-established sales model, directly competing on the merit of its products alone, with some of the biggest names in its industry.

But such is the case of Jeunesse Global. Founded by lifelong industry veterans Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis, the company has rocketed to the top of the health and beauty industry, doing billions of dollars in revenue across the globe. Jeunesse was started out of the couple’s garage in 2009. In less than ten years, it has grown to be a serious competitor of the likes of Avon and Mary Kay.

But Ray and Lewis had been independently wealthy for decades. This meant that the couple had considerably different motivations in starting their most recent company than many entrepreneurs. Rather than trying to become even richer than they already were, the couple’s primary motivation in starting their business was to bring the same opportunities that they as Americans had enjoyed to those across the globe who were less advantaged.

Lewis had extensive experience in the East Asia region. She knew that this region of the world had long been economically oppressed by misguided communist ideologies and that its citizens were among the most productive people in the world. Because of the increasingly less oppressive economic policies of the Chinese government, Lewis understood that this region would be one of the best anywhere in the world to concentrate on pitching a business plan to hungry entrepreneurs.

Her insight proved wise. Within its first three years of operation, Jeunesse Global grew from zero to doing millions of dollars per year in revenues. By 2016, the company was doing hundreds of millions of dollars per year and had tens of thousands of distributors, most of them located in East Asia.

Today, Jeunesse Global may be the most rapidly expanding health and beauty business anywhere in the world. It owes much of its success to its willingness to bet on East Asia.