Joel Friant – The Well-Seasoned Business Man

Joel Friant is a well-seasoned businessman and serial entrepreneur that we can all afford to learn something from. He has proven to be a successful entrepreneur and free market aficionado with a knack for home-based business and product creation. Joel is also very willing to help others succeed in their personal and professional ventures and has even created his own concept for success called, ‘The Income Thermostat’, in which he teaches his concepts for success. He has reached and inspired thousands by articles and online seminars worldwide.

Joel’s determination for success has allowed him to venture into many projects in multiple industries, but his most important endeavor is with his flagship product, The Habanero Shaker. Joel was able to turn his love and passion for the Habanero pepper into a successful product that many enjoy! The Habanero pepper, crowned the hottest pepper, packs a lot of heat along with an irresistible and distinct flavor. Joel fell in love with the pepper when he was first introduced to it by a friend in high school. He later traveled around the world to find his favorite variety, the Scotch Bonnet, on a trip to Jamaica and his inspiration carried him from there. Joel felt that the Habanero pepper exhibited the perfect balance and combination of heat and flavor and he decided to encapsulate this wonder in the form of a spice shaker that others could also enjoy.

I did not take long for Joel to see success in the Habanero Shaker as it was later included in some of the largest grocery store chains in Washington State. With his insatiable appetite for learning and growing, Joel went on to try his luck in Real Estate foreclosure buying and “house flipping”. In 2003 Joel was able to use his real estate experience and passion for helping others to acquire homes, and became an expert in the real estate mortgage business. He soon became a top sales person in his office and went on to open his own branch office for mortgage lending.

Later, in 2012, Joel began to see the benefit in online sales and he successfully began selling his Habanero Shaker and other products on Amazon while still sharing his time to ensure the success of others in their passions and business endeavors.

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