Learn a Little About Waiakea Water

The bottled water industry has exploded over the recent years. Until recently most people just drank water from the tap. That all changed when experts started to say that it was unhealthy to do so. From that we have created a ten billion dollar industry dedicated to selling bottles of water. There are so many options to choose from so it can be hard for consumers to know what is best. If you are looking for the most economical company then look no further than Waiakea Water. This company emerged in the recent years and have been glorified for their product.

Waiakea Water does things a little differently than most water bottle companies. To start off Waiakea Water has promised to donate a weeks supply of water to a family in need for every liter of water that they sell. This is quite amazing to see from a bottled water company. Millions of people struggle every day to find clean drinking water. Due to the fact that most of us have the water at all times we can not truly grasp the situation. The big thing is that Waiakea Water is making efforts to solve one of the biggest problems in the world. We do not see things like this from many other companies.

Waiakea Water is undoubtedly the most eco-friendly water bottle company out there. Their water bottles themselves are a thing of the future. Did you know that traditional water bottles take some 1,500 years to degrade in the environment? Waiakea Water has invented a bottle that only takes fifteen years to completely break down. The bottle is also made using entirely recycled plastic.

The water sold by Waiakea Water is very pure. It is naturally filtered in the environment after traveling thorough thousands of feet of volcanic rock. The water is also enriched and enhanced in the process. The pH level of 8.8 is perfect for consumption. Waiakea Water is all around amazing. They not only offer the most pure products on the planet but they also have very high standards of ethics regarding benefitting other people.