The Oxford Club- Offering a Tradition of Excellence

The Oxford Club, an independent financial publisher located in Baltimore, Maryland, sets forth financial strategies for achieving and maintaining financial success. It is an organization that includes over 157,000 members globally, representing 131 different countries. The Oxford Club, as most great enterprises, has a humble origin, it began as a group of money savvy Western business folks living in Hong Kong and exchanging financial information. In the 1980s Scott turned it over to Bill Bonner, the CEO of Agora Inc., a travel and financial publishing company located in Baltimore, Maryland. Bonner then changed the name to Passport Club. During the same period of time a business publisher located in Baltimore, Maryland called The Oxford Club began expanding its readership. The publishing company was then purchased by Bonner. Bonner then changed the name of the company to The Oxford Club because the name represented tradition and respect. The publishing company offers financial advice in its monthly newsletter. One of the golden pieces of advice that the company shares with its readers is the importance of saving for retirement. Many Americans invest little though or preoccupation in the future and planning for retirement. Sadly, many enter into retirement age with little money saved. The individual must take on the onus of responsibility for saving for his own retirement by setting aside money and making smart investments. Placing too much faith in Government or financial brokers will not reap the return that one hopes for. The individual must become financially literate and make the wisest choices that will ensure his own security as he plans and saves for retirement.

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