UK-Israeli Trade Double Under Resigning Ambassador Taub

The UK born Daniel Taub became the Israeli ambassador to Britain in 2011. He served as the Israeli ambassador to the United Kingdom for a period of four years. He is one the best recognized ambassadors that has created a long standing reputation working with the Ambassador of Britain. Ambassador Taub is a lecturer and has written many articles ranging on topics from politics to religion. He is a strong follower of the orthodox Jewish church too.

Ambassador Taub is well equipped in handling diplomatic relationships. He has played a big role in trying to bring the UK and Israeli supporting countries together. During his four years as an Israeli ambassador to Britain, the two countries developed strong ties and worked together to solve some issues in the Middle East. It is because of his peaceful negotiation skills that he traveled to Northern Ireland with his Palestinian allies to learn from the situation there.

When the Britain student union voted to adopt a boycott of Israel in 2012, the Israeli Ambassador to the UK warned the encouragement of University administrations to allow the pro-Israel students to express freely without fear of intimidation. Daniel Taub was very concerned about the situation at the university. It was noted that Mr. Taub may have supported those students who wanted to adopt the boycott of Israel.

During Daniel Taub’s tenure as the ambassador, the business between Britain and Israel doubled. The Israel Embassy based in the UK reported that trade between the two countries have increased since Mr.Taub took over from his successor. Cultural relationships and academic ties between Britain and U.K have also improved. Sajid Javid, the British Secretary of State for Business, Innovation, and Skills said at the British Israel Business Award that the trade between the two countries has moved to the next level which he referred to “golden era.” Over 300 Israeli businesses have been established under the reign of Daniel Taub. According to Javid report, annual bilateral was over $7 billion. Learn more:

Ambassador Taub was on the frontline to restore the worsening relationship between Bradford city and the Israeli government. Daniel Taub used his peaceful negotiation skills to reduce the brewing animosity after George Galloway declared Bradford city an “Israel–free zone.” Ambassador Taub ignored the declaration made by George Galloway and visited the city. He met with several religious leaders and representatives of council from the various quarter of Bradford. The Ambassador later told Telegraph media that George Galloway’s voice is not the only voice of the people of Bradford.