André Des Rochers is an international entertainment and sports lawyer with Beverly Hills and New York offices. He practices law on all aspects of the entertainment industry, including copyrights, music, film and TV productions, and performing rights organizations. He also has experience in amateur athletics and major league sports in The United States and abroad. 


For years he has worked on some of the most exciting events in the entertainment world, from concerts to movies to live TV broadcasts. He has represented various successful negotiations ranging from writers, producers, etc. André Des Rochers moved from corporate law practice to entertainment law, where he has a big clientele and a busy schedule. 


Gray Krauss LLP, a New York-based law firm, recognized Des Rochers as one of their partners for his talent and ability and is currently working on new cases. The entertainment attorney is a BAR certified lawyer. André Des Rochers has represented some of today’s most successful artists, from actors to composers to sportsmen. Des Rochers is also a partner at Granderson Des Rochers.


GDR is a renowned entertainment law firm that handles several high-profile and time-sensitive cases. The firm is known for its understanding of the entertainment industry. At Granderson Des Rochers, he practices law on all aspects of the music industry. He has worked on many successful negotiations to secure copyrights for his clients. The firm has also managed to handle successful cases on deals, contracts, endorsements, and copyright issues. 

At Granderson Des Rochers, André Des Rochers has represented and advised many of today’s most successful athletes. Des Rochers works on all aspects of the entertainment and sports industries. This includes representing talent and teams in negotiating contracts with management companies, networks, etc. All this exposure makes André Des Rochers an experienced and knowledgeable attorney.