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Joel Friant – The Well-Seasoned Business Man

Joel Friant is a well-seasoned businessman and serial entrepreneur that we can all afford to learn something from. He has proven to be a successful entrepreneur and free market aficionado with a knack for home-based business and product creation. Joel is also very willing to help others succeed in their personal and professional ventures andRead More

National Steel Car: Proud Canadian Locomotive Manufacturer

The company, National Steel Car is currently supervised by their chairman, president and CEO, Gregory James Aziz. The company was founded in the city of Hamilton, Ontario, in 1912 by a group of wealthy investors. They wanted to create a company that would benefit from the Trans-Canadian rail project that the government is constructing, andRead More

Glen Wakeman Encourages Companies To Help Puerto Rico Rebuild

The island of Puerto Rico has been devastated this year by hurricanes that struck the island twice. Hurricane Irma grazed the island indirectly, but still caused significant power outages and damage to infrastructure. Despite a strong preparation and response to Irma, the island of Puerto Rico was unfortunately hit by a much stronger hurricane calledRead More

Talk Fusion’s CEO Advice to Young Entrepreneurs

Talk Fusion is one of the leading software companies committed to assisting businesses to get into the competitive space enabling them to create more sales by retaining and increasing their customer base. The company is focused on providing more diverse ways of marketing through persuasive, memorable ways that use video.   The company has employedRead More

Gregory Aziz The Successful Businessman

Gregory James Aziz is not only the chairman and President of the largest world leading engineering in railroad freight car and manufacturing industries known as National Steel Car but also its CEO. He was born in the year 1949 April 30th in Ontario a city in London. Greg Aziz did his economics study at WesternRead More

National Steel Car in Gregory Aziz’s Reign

Engineering is not a field that everyone can venture in and be successful. Engineering requires an individual who is ready to embrace change and technology. It also requires an innovative mind. This is to ensure that they use technology to their advantage. Good customer care services are another factor that leads to a successful business.Read More

Robert Thikoll, president of a global company

Robert Thikoll has excelled in his work as Vice President at Ingersoll Rand. Robert and his team work with employees include hands on activities and leadership skills. The Ingersoll company is an excellent business that is known globally for some time now. This company has made billions of dollars since it was created and continuesRead More