The State of New York created the Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation in 1984 to operate and maintain the island. They usually use environmentally friendly and innovative solutions to enhance the lives of the island’s residents.

They also put efforts into improving and main its infrastructure and structures. One of their recent projects was renovating the Manhattan Aerial Tramway Station, which they finished and opened in April 2022.

The station is found on the corner of East 60th Street and Second Avenue on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, acting as a bridge between the island and Midtown Manhattan.

The developments made traveling on one of the world’s urban tramways easier, faster, safer, and more comfortable. The renovations cost $7 million and included necessary operational, safety, and aesthetic features.

They involved expanding the platform for ADA compliance, adding glass elevators, and beautifying the station plaza. Shelton J. Haynes, the CEO and president of the Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation, expressed their pride in giving the island’s residents and visitors a better travel experience.

They also renovated and expanded two waterfront promenades within the island’s Southpoint Park. The project cost $11 million and focused on shoreline resiliency, scenic views, and habitat protection. The renovations expanded the island’s lookout points with vegetation and pathways and strengthened the shoreline to protect it from future storm damage.

The Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation also plans to build a monument in honor of Elizabeth Cochrane Seaman for her 100th anniversary. They plan to make the monument in the New York City Lunatic Asylum, where Seaman, also known as Nellie Bly, went to research as an undercover patient.

In addition to physical improvement, the Roosevelt Island Operating Cooperation also helps improve the resident’s knowledge. In 2021, they announced several workshops dedicated to informing, educating, and supporting residents in the island and neighboring communities.

The workshops will cover topics like domestic violence, self-defense, and how to protect yourself in an active-shooter situation. They said that the workshops aim to inform the residents how to save their lives and the people around them. They also hope to create a resilient, compassionate, supportive community with free classes.

In addition to helping people, they also work to help employees, according to Tajuna Sharpe. Tajuna Sharpe is the Human Resources director of the organization, always committed to assisting employees in dealing with grief.