Shelton Haynes has been the President and CEO of Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation since 2019. As a leader, he is focused on transforming the island’s infrastructure and rejuvenating its local economy. Under Shelton’s direction, RIOC is pushing forward with major capital projects and initiatives to improve public transportation, create new housing opportunities, and attract businesses. He has also been a vocal advocate for increasing transparency and accessibility of government services by creating more open communication between RIOC and the community. Shelton is committed to making Roosevelt Island a place where people are proud to call home.

Shelton Haynes once served as the Chief Operating Officer of Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation, prior to his presidential position. His roles included managing day-to-day operations and leading long-term projects. He was also responsible for the development of a business model that emphasized public engagement and increased transparency in the decision making process. Shelton’s prior experience includes overseeing real estate acquisitions, financing, construction management, strategic planning, and project management.

While he was still in Georgia, Mr. Haynes served as Chief Operating Officer at the Housing Authority of DeKalb County. Here he was in charge of public housing and other community redevelopment initiatives. His experience in this role included creating budget strategies, overseeing financial operations and staff management.

Shelton’s work in the housing authority led him to serve as a Senior Project Manager at Portman Holdings. Here he was responsible for overseeing large scale real estate projects from inception to completion. Projects included The Shops Buckhead and Twelve Centennial Park.

Shelton Haynes is a dedicated leader and advocate for Roosevelt Island, who brings extensive experience in budget management, project development and strategic planning. His plans will help make Roosevelt Island a vibrant destination both economically and culturally. With his leadership, RIOC’s mission to create meaningful public spaces and foster an open dialogue between the community and their government is sure to be successful. He strives to make RIOC a bridge between the island and the rest of New York City, helping it thrive and prosper for years to come.

Recently, Mr. Haynes has completed the Riverwalk Neighborhood. This has taken the effort of developers and the community to redevelop a waterfront park. The Riverwalk is now open and includes public green space, bike trails, children’s playgrounds, and much more. By implementing this project Shelton Haynes has brought economic development and recreational growth to Roosevelt Island.