Ross LevinsohnSports Illustrated has been a proud part of American culture since its inception. Now, they’re hoping to secure their place in the future as the company’s CEO, Ross Levinsohn, is leading both Sports Illustrated and The Arena Group to new heights.

The Arena Group is a digital sports media company specializing in web marketing, advertising, and business development for casual and professional athletes. Sports Illustrated’s website now attracts a whopping million unique visitors every month and millions of followers across social media platforms, thanks to Levinsohn’s expertise in attracting attention from fans.

Sports Illustrated is a subsidiary of The Arena Group, and Ross Levinsohn is the head honcho that runs it. Before joining Sports Illustrated, Levinsohn was the CEO of Guggenheim Digital Media and Yahoo!

Levinsohn is considered one of the most influential digital marketers in the industry. His strategies secure Sports Illustrated’s place in today’s world and help lay a foundation for tomorrow’s sports media landscape. Since he took the helm at Sports Illustrated, their digital traffic has doubled yearly. Ross is a big believer in investing in his education, and he continues to do so, attending local Tech events where he can learn about the latest technologies, which he uses at The Arena Group to help innovate the sports landscape.

While at The Arena Group, Levinsohn has played a significant role in numerous acquisitions and start-up investments. Levinsohn’s influence has made these companies some of the most influential digital media properties in sports.

While at Yahoo!, Sports Illustrated CEO was responsible for negotiating a more than billion-dollar deal. He propelled Yahoo! to the number one search engine in the country.

Levinsohn expanded The Arena Group’s video capability by acquiring an award-winning filmmaking agency Fexy Studios.

Ross’s professional accomplishments are awe-inspiring, and he continues to help push The Arena Group to new heights and jump-start Sports Illustrated into a new era. Sports Illustrated CEO is a great quality content creator, website manager, and social media marketer who has proven his ability to bring in new clients. The Arena Group uses the best technologies to empower the athlete with a platform from which they can successfully promote their product or service.