Eamon O'RourkeEamon O’Rourke has served in the media sector for over ten years. He has gained vast skills working in the television and film industry. In the entertainment and the media sector, Eamon is known as an upcoming director who is taking the industry by storm; he is also an activist famous for Asking for It. O’Rourke is based in Brooklyn, New York, where he has served in various positions in the media industry, including as a producer, actor, scriptwriter, and writer. He has been involved in producing and writing some famous movies, including The Wolf of Wall Street.

Eamon O’Rourke has gained vast skills in the sector and currently serves as the executive producer and director for My Friends and Me, the production house responsible for bringing Hollywood’s untold stories. Paramount is a prestigious production company that Eamon has worked for recently; with paramount, he has produced Ask for It. The movie Stares Vanessa Hudgens and Luke Hemsworth. Ask for It is a film about a leading male actor that is universal in action movies. Joey is the guy in the movie; he joins a crew of girls protesting about a gang of boys involved in raping.

Eamon O’Rourke is a different producer, scriptwriter, and director who wants to change how others do movies in Hollywood. Eamon’s movies involve female, the LBTQ community, and the innate Americans character in the movies. The director’s mission is to tell the stories in our society. O’Rourke noted that he takes his time to think about how he will tell the stories without bringing people to think that is the experience and letting them know that is what is happening in the community.

Eamon is not only involved in producing and directing movies but also active in the community. He uses his time, resources, and energy to advocate for immigrants, drug issues in New York, reproductive justice, and economic equality. The director and producer have been of huge benefit to recovering drug addicts; he has given them a platform to express their feelings and talent in the films he produces; he is also among the people who help others during a crisis; Eamon is an active philanthropist.