Yanni HufnagelYanni is an American entrepreneur and the founder of The Lemon Perfect Company. He is a former coaching expert at college football and has had lots of entrepreneurial success. As an ardent businessman, Yanni states that each business has its highlights and challenges and undergoes various curves. He knew the entrepreneurial challenges in 2017 when he began his Lemon Perfect business, a zero-sugar enhanced flavored lemon water beverage.

While the establishment underwent several challenges, in the beginning, it will be worth more than $100 million in 2022. The product can now be found at various retailer stores in America, such as Publix, 7-Eleven, and Ralphs. What’s more? Buyers can also find the products on Amazon and Lemon Perfect’s official website. The beverage comes in various flavors, including Original Lemon, Pineapple Coconut, Dragon Fruit Mango, Strawberry Passion Fruit, Peach Raspberry, Blueberry Acai, and Kiwi Star Fruit.

Yanni’s Journey in Entrepreneurship

Yanni Hufnagel is a successful innovation guru who believes in following up on each idea he gets. It came when he saw his student-athletes taking enhanced waters, and he thought of getting them something better to help with their workout and sports regimen. He had thought of seeking another job as a coach but decided to pitch the Lemon Perfect idea to an entrepreneurial friend. According to him, anything one can do to enhance another’s daily regimen is worth pursuing. While the drink was initially developed and marketed as a morning beverage, it is now popularly known as a drink perfect for any time.

Things that Drive Yanni Hufnagel in His Entrepreneurship

Yanni HufnagelYanni is committed and enthusiastic about Lemon Perfect. He says that he felt the same hunger for the business as he felt when coaching basketball athletes. Yanni Hufnagel advises businesspeople to have high enthusiasm for whatever they are building. When you get a chance to build something, you must go for it as hard as you can. This is because sometimes you only get one opportunity to develop something as unique as your idea. However, the agility of the execution determines whether or not the product will go over and beyond America. He urges aspiring business people to be relentless in their pursuit and hardworking in every aspect. All these are values that drive him.