ElectrifAi (EFA) is an electric power company that provides Agera-powered electricity to its consumers. EFA is one of the more prominent electric power companies in North America. It also provides a service that allows consumers to monitor their power usage and choose to use Agera-powered electricity, which is cleaner and more efficient. EFA is based in a small city of about 65,000 people on the west coast of Canada. Agera is the new and revolutionary power source used by EFA. The residents of EFA use Agera-powered electricity with no problems, long-distance power lines, or neutrinos concerns.

EFA is using a new technology called Agera. Agera is electric power created from solar panels and wind turbines. Due to the latest technology, EFA has decreased its emissions by over 20%, saving money. Also, EFA pays a living wage to their employees. This is rare in the private or public sector. Their president, James C. Overly (CEO), is committing to this cause and only wants his employees to make a living wage.

EFA has saved over 20% in emissions since using the new Agera technology. Since the Agera process is more sustainable than coal, it has helped the environment and will continue to support it. Unlike most other public or private sector companies, EFA pays their employees a living wage. This saves many lives and creates a better work environment for everyone else.


ElectrifAi belongs to the electric power industry. Its main products are electricity (and natural gas), and its services provide the electricity they provide. It provides this service through various products, such as solar panels and wind turbines. The Agera technology is an electric power created entirely from renewable sources. It requires fewer emissions and therefore is more sustainable than coal. It also uses different chemicals in its production, another benefit of Agera.

ElectrifAi has changed the world by being the first electric power company to create electric power through Agera. Using the new technology, EFA has decreased its emissions by 20%, which helps the environment. In addition, EFA provides a living wage for their employees and does not want anyone on their business’s payroll to make less than $15 an hour. That is good for employees, and it also brings down costs because they can now hire more people with more money (and therefore at a lower price).